This cheesecake is absolutely heavenly. It just tastes so outrageously incredible. It’s awesome for the summer too as not only is it deliciously cooling, as it requires no cooking, it’s also brilliantly light and delicate. The three different layers come together so perfectly to create the ultimate blend of flavours and textures.

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The bottom layer is made up of a deliciously sticky date and almond mix, which is ever-so-slightly hard and chewy and absolutely divine. The second layer then provides the perfect contrast as it’s so beautifully smooth, thick and creamy, made up of a sweet blend of cashew nuts, frozen banana, apple juice and maple syrup, which if you can believe tastes even better than it sounds! Finally the third layer, which really brings everything together, has a beautiful berry flavour thanks to the wonderful blend of fresh summer strawberries and blueberries. The whole thing just melts-in-your-mouth with each layer blending perfectly into the one below.

Of course it’s super healthy too, with each bite loading you up on incredible health-giving vitamins and nutrients which will fill you with incredible energy. Everything here is super easy to digest too so there’s none of that nasty bloating feeling, or sugar lows after. The real beauties in here are the berries though, which are such nutritional power-houses as they lower cholesterol and blood pressure, while also promoting great cardiovascular and heart health.


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